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10 May 2017 by Ekaterina Shipova


I think this year was a good opportunity for Australian designers to show themselves, and I’m sure that especially with what I’ve seen this year it is and it will grow bigger. For the backstage setup I thought it would have been bigger, like the ones that I’ve attended previously in Russia. But then again St-Petersburg and Moscow are much bigger cities than Adelaide itself with a much longer history with their own fashion community. With all fashion weeks, it does get messy backstage.

20 December 2016 by Ekaterina Shipova

Orthodox Iconography.

A couple of months work and my series of portraits dedicated to Orthodox Iconography was accompanied by a lecture and is ready for exhibiting at the 10th International Symmetry Society Congress at St.Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide.

13 November 2016 by Ekaterina Shipova

The Adelaide Fashion Festival is a celebration of...

The Adelaide Fashion Festival is a celebration of innovative South Australian design and style. The festival, held each October, showcases both established and up-and-coming Adelaide designers as they present modern, innovative and relevant fashion in a world-class setting. Adelaide Fashion Festival celebrates South Australia’s unique style; particularly its creativity and design.

Co. Ekaterina Shipova Photography. Designed by Neska